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Its that time of year again!

As the holidays move closer the hit game Cookie Cats is all prepared for Christmas!


Now in time for Christmas you can snuggle up with your favorite Cats and a hot cup of chocolate while the snow falls outside.  Perhaps however you do not want to give a cute cat a snuggle.  Not a problem, go get your gloves on and get ready for a snowball fight!

Winter is finally here, and the Cookie Cats LOVE to both cuddle and play in the snow!

  • The Cookie Cats have hidden presents all over the world, and if you can find them you will get FREE rewards!
  • Grab your coat and enjoy the snowy WINTER WONDERLAND throughout 50 new levels!
  • Help your fellow holiday lovers in the new, wonderful social challenge! MEOW!



QuickChess is now live on Kickstarter!

QuickChess®” will be celebrating its 25-Year Anniversary in 2017 by going digital! It’s a multiple award-winning board game that has young children learning quickly, and experienced players sharpening their skills. It’s simple but enjoyable, because the challenge escalates indefinitely as you improve. It features a smaller board and reduced number of pieces, with a series of mini-games that teach chess, which can each be played in 10 minutes. When you’re ready to put your skills to the test, flip the board over for a full set & board!


Invented 25 years ago by New York City Firefighter Joe Miccio and released as a board game,  it quickly became popular and has been recommended by many chess professionals including Grand Master Susan Polgar (4 time Women’s World Champion)!

This new digital version being developed by the amazing team at REDOX Game Labs will include new challenges created by Ms. Polgar and adds modern technology and flair to the original QuickChess board, allowing players to customize each piece as well as the scenes where their games take place.  The chess pieces will also interact and suggest moves based on the in-game situation, helping players evolve their skills.


Yet there is even more great information on this amazing game which you can read about directly on Kickstarter.   So what are you still reading this for?

Go check out QuickChess on Kickstarter now!


Your support is needed to help bring this amazing game of thought and intellectual combat to the digital age for players of all ages!

Magic Nightfall


Our friends over at Promineo Studios have just released Magic Nightfall!

Villains have stolen eastern Kingdom treasures! Help Aisha to get back gems and jewels of the Kingdom while rescuing her cute animals friends. Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test in this marvelous eastern colorful world using shiny combos, super pets power ups and build up your pearl power to defeat wacky villains in epic match battles, unleash Aisha gathering abilities and powers.


• Easy, addictive puzzle gameplay! Match and connect colorful shiny Gems and Jewels!
• Lots of cute animals with special skills to rescue and master!
• 400 addictive and challenging levels. And always another nestful in the making!
• Stunningly beautiful, hand-crafted graphics and animations!
• Compete against friends and unlock daily rewards, new levels and more
• An original, eastern-orchestral soundtrack
• Engage in epic villains matches battles featuring Devas Djinn, Jinn Unseen, Melissa Sorceress, Scar Wizzard and other colorful characters
• Progress-syncing among devices and platforms

So what are you waiting for? Install Magic Nightfall on your favorite device and see if you can save the Eastern Kingdom’s treasures!


Get Sticky with Bee Brilliant!

In case you missed it the latest update for Bee Brilliant was released…


As always the amazing team at Tactile Entertainment has been hard at work and this update is no exception!   This latest update includes all new Stickers!  Everyone who is using iOS 10 will be able to enjoy this great new sticker pack included with the game.

So grab your lederhosen, take a slice of honey cheese and journey to the Alps! Experience all new levels, a new song and newly redesigned Challenge…

Find out today why Bee Brilliant is becoming better than ever before!


Skara Advances!

In case you missed it on Steam the amazing team working on Skara – The Blade Remains just announced that they are closing Alpha and preparing for Beta Release!

The feedback from players has been so great over the past two months that they also announced a Dev Q&A Session live on 30.09.2016 via the Official Skara Twitch channel!


As announced on the Official Skara Steam News page:

First, we learned that our vision IS going to work, that our brand of multiplayer close-combat is also what you have been waiting for. The more people playing SKARA, the more fun and competitive it is. We have the core of a great game in the making, but there is still a ways to go.

Second, we now know what we need to do to streamline the game so that it is faster, more fun and more cruel.

Anything that you found annoying about the UI or game progression (having to play through the tutorial, the graphic settings, etc.) will be fixed for Beta release. Also, expect more from the existing game, including a complete revision of how the free-for-all arena works.

Third, we learned that the game really needs the final pieces we have planned (player-to-player communication, party chat, game forum integration, faction infrastructure) to be worth your and your friend’s time.


So make sure to tune in on Friday to find out more about this fun high intensity game!

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