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The Hills Return

The explosive physics puzzling fun has finally returned to mobile gaming with the release of Happy Hills 2 by our partners at Thumbstar Games! Featuring single finger intuitive aiming and unique block weaknesses, this game will have gamers of all ages taking aim! Happy Hills 2 also has more content then ever before with 80 new story levels and 80 remastered classic levels for a whopping 160 challenges!


Chasing Yello Updated

Today we released an explosive new update for our hit game, Chasing Yello. Downloaded more than 15 million times worldwide, Chasing Yello features obstacle dodging acting and head to head multiplayer capabilities in an endless swimming adventure.  Now players can combine power-ups, shrink and punch their way through obstacles in Yello’s path. Yet that is not all… click on “read the article” to find out more!


Tridek Chat

Many players have asked for a way to talk to other players during games… As always we have delivered. Everyone who has registered for the Closed Beta at will soon notice an email with a link for the new installation package. After you install the game you will notice the speech bubble icon on the lower left of your screen when you go online. This icon will open a global chat and a private chat during matches for those special AFK moments.


Tridek Closed Beta Milestone

Hey everyone, we are very pleased to announce that Closed Beta Registration has now hit 15,000 users! While we are working on the latest release and plans for the future we would also like to encourage everyone to register on the official forums at .  This way we can deliver the best gaming experience possible based off your feedback.

To start playing the Tridek closed beta, head on over to the official website and register today!


Tridek Kickstarter is Live

Today we are announcing the launch of the Kickstarter for Tridek: Creatures of Galena, a digital trading card game currently being developed for PC and mobile devices with cross-platform play capabilities. With the goal of expanding to other platforms and languages, as well as incorporating new tournament play modes, multiplayer action, fully customizable decks and a new resource system optimized for fast, strategic gameplay…