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Happy Holidays!

The team at dreamfab would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Holiday! We look forward to next year and bringing you all great new games.


The Night Before Christmas Yello Style

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
No one was sleeping since Mathilda was out,
With visions of Yello filling her head.
She laughed really loudly for this she said…
Oh Yello, Oh Yello, for where have you gone,
Run and i’ll find you… yet before very long,
Her laughter was stopped with the softest of sounds,
A jingle, a patter, oh what had she found?

She stopped and she stared at a man dressed in red,
She shuddered with dread at the words that he said,
I have many a lists said the man with a smile,
The nice and the naughty, as he read with a frown,
I can see where you are, Mathilda my dear,
So this tonight, i’ll slow you down.

You won’t chase poor Yello or Pinky I fear,
Instead you’ll be cleaning my nine reindeer,
They are quite dirty and covered in grime,
So you must clean them, I haven’t the time.

Mathilda’s unhappy and has a big frown,
While Santa goes over and bends straight down,
Not to drink water, nor to clean off his feet,
Instead he saw Yello and gave him a wink.

Swim or she’ll catch you he whispered real soft,
Many will help you so try to be tough.
He had a small message to players to share,
Hurry and play while Mathilda is here.

Then he stood up and walked right away,
Since tomorrow he’s busy on a new Christmas day.


Chasing Yello for Tango

Yello does it again is our latest release of Chasing Yello. We have partnered with Tango, the Text, Voice & Video app that allows friends and family to connect over VoIP to bring a more socially integrated version of Chasing Yello to our fans.

Those familiar with Chasing Yello will notice some rather interesting changes however as we introduce a life system which encourages players to “Gift” lives to one another and precious diamonds which can be used for continues.

We also hope our fans love the new tournament system as you compete against your friends and family to find out who can have the highest score!




Word Wonders Nomination

Word Wonders, Winner of Best Mobile Game at the 2013 German Computer Game Awards has once again been nominated… This time however for the 2013 German Developer Awards! Developed by Chimera Entertainment and Co-published by dreamfab and Games In Flames, Word Wonders combines traditional board style gameplay with RPG elements to create a word adventure that is fun for all ages.


The Hills Return

The explosive physics puzzling fun has finally returned to mobile gaming with the release of Happy Hills 2 by our partners at Thumbstar Games! Featuring single finger intuitive aiming and unique block weaknesses, this game will have gamers of all ages taking aim! Happy Hills 2 also has more content then ever before with 80 new story levels and 80 remastered classic levels for a whopping 160 challenges!


Chasing Yello Updated

Today we released an explosive new update for our hit game, Chasing Yello. Downloaded more than 15 million times worldwide, Chasing Yello features obstacle dodging acting and head to head multiplayer capabilities in an endless swimming adventure.  Now players can combine power-ups, shrink and punch their way through obstacles in Yello’s path. Yet that is not all… click on “read the article” to find out more!