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Cookie Games!


As athletes from around the world compete for gold medals so do the Cookie Cats! Running, swimming, or jumping, the Cookie Cats are ready to put a big show in the stadium to earn those cookies!

  • The Cookie Cats are ready to compete with all new outfits!
  •  Celebrate your victory with brand new songs!
  • Play through 30 new levels, with 10 levels released each week!
  • Are you ready to compete? Check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for amazing activities!



Ducks invade the Zoo!

Seriously… Adventure awaits and the Zoo is now open!


You better be careful… Friedrich von Icebeak’s penguin henchmen have escaped and if not careful they WILL give you the cold shoulder!

    • BEWARE the evil penguin henchmen! These cool baddies will freeze the poor Ducklings unless you take them out!
    • Enjoy your time at the ZOO with 40 NEW levels spanning several biomes! Please don’t feed the animals!
    • Growls, Chirps, Bellows, Whoops and Squeaks! Music in the ZOO is WILD but you can safely enjoy it in the latest version of Disco Ducks!


Gone Country!

Cookie Cats have gone Country!




The Cookie Cats are heading to the Countryside to visit the Ol’ Mittens farm! Get ready for some good music and the good company of these hard-working kitties!

  • Check out Rita, Ziggy, Smokey and Berry ready to work on the fields!
  • New songs from your favorite cats, straight from the countryside!
  • 30 new levels in the ol’ Mitten’s farm, with 10 released each week!




Disco Ducks enter the Big Apple


Disco Ducks have just arrived in New York City!  The streets are busy and the nights are long in the Big Apple.   So don’t wait and get Quackin today!

  • Introducing the streets of NYC through 30 all new levels where you can cruise in the fast lane.
  • Plus all new groovy beats that will let you feel the pulse of the city.




Cookie Cats hit sand and surf!


Get your sunglasses and snorkels ready and join our adorable kittens in this sunny adventure!

  • The Cookie Cats are ready for summer with their new outfits!
  • 30 new levels on the beach, with 10 released each week!
  • New songs to get you in the beach mood!
  • Have I already mentioned the cute new outfits? Because they are adorable!

So what are you waiting for?   Grab Cookie Cats for your favorite device and start playing this 5 star hit today!


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