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Bees discover the far east!

What has over 7000 ratings of 5 stars?


Over 190 brilliant levels and combines easy to learn gameplay mechanics with challenges for all ages?


As the Bees continue to travel the world, players of all ages get a chance to experience each unique location they stop in!

Welcome to The Far East of Beeland! This is the home of the mysterious shinobees, slumbering dragons and ancient honey temples.

• Travel through The Far East, enjoy a cup of honey nectar tea and explore new levels.
• Grab a seat and listen to the NEW SONG from The Shinobees!
• Need more boosters? Grab your friends and earn some in the Far East Challenge!



5 Star Cookie Cats!

Since release Cookie Cats has been getting some amazing reviews from players of all ages!


As you can see above, Cookie Cats has a 5 star rating from over 1000 players! Tactile Entertainment has done an amazing job on this great free puzzler which is suitable for players of all ages. Did you also know that Cookie Cats has it’s very own Facebook page? Fans who follow the Official Cookie Cats Facebook page get to meet the great cast of this game starting with Belle!


So make sure to take a moment and go give the Cookie Cats Facebook page a “like” and start playing Cookie Cats today!


Cookie Cats!


The neighborhood cats are hungry for cookies, and only YOU can help them! Join Belle, Ziggy, Smokey, Rita, Berry and countless other adorable kitties in a journey through pawsome new places, where cookies are just waiting to be eaten. Be ready to connect colorful cookies, fight off the big baddies, and befriend new meow-sicians in this FREE puzzle game that is the cat’s pajamas!

This great new fun release from our friends at Tactile Entertainment features simple and addictive puzzle gameplay with new great elements! As you advance you will be connecting cookies of the same color in ever longer delicious chains. You can also play your way through the neighborhood in six different game modes and hundreds of challenging levels! Make sure you have your sound turned on to also experience the musical antics of lots of cute kittens. While playing you can befriend new characters and customize your band. As always however that is not all… find out if you can beat the villains! Use your cookies to fight off Buster the Drooly Dog, Bobby the Birthday Bear, Ivy the Carnivorous plant and many others.

Tactile Entertainment has once again raised the bar on free puzzle gaming with this latest release, so head on over the to App Store and grab Cookie Cats today!


Wait…  What if you do not have an iOS device?   Do not panic… The team at Tactile Entertainment has found the droids they were looking for!

The Circus has Arrived!


Tactile has once again released an amazing update for the hit game, Bee Brilliant!  Make sure you turn your sound on while playing to get a kick out of some of the great new content.


Ladies and gentlebees, boys and girls, larvae of all ages! Grab your honey glazed popcorn and join us for a day of wonder! Circus Brilliant has come to Beeland!  Laugh at the clowns, pet the elephants and play even more great new levels!

No update would be complete without a great new song this time sung by The Incredible Acrobees!  You should go ahead and gather your friends and enter the Circus Challenge to win buzzing rewards!

With so much to do what are you doing reading about the update?  Grab Bee Brilliant now!



Typoman wins in Germany!

The entire team at dreamfab wants to take a moment to recognize our friends at Brainseed Factory. On April 7th, they took home the award for Beste Inszenierung  (Best Game Production) at the Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2016 with their amazing game Typoman!


Many of you may not recognize the meaning of this accomplishment…  The Deutscher Computerspielpries are the German Computer Game Awards.  Games which proudly bear the seal “Made in Germany” are nominated in 14 various categories and reviewed by juries to recognize high quality, innovative, and fun games.

Typoman is a two dimensional puzzle platformer distinguished by a unique game world. You slip into the role of the HERO struggling to make your way through a dark, surreal world. Despite your small stature you have a powerful gift: You can craft words to alter your environment. Dive into a dark tale of heroes and monsters, where words can either be a blessing …or a curse!

So are you ready to experience an adventure like never before? Check out the Nintendo store and get Typoman today!

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