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Skyline Skaters Christmas



Our friends over at Tactile Entertainment have been extremely busy elves preparing the latest Skyline Skaters Christmas update!  Players of this great endless runner will love the new winter setting in Christmas Town and of course snow has been included.

They did not stop however with just the Christmas vibe and have also brought out a brand new character: Rocky the Reindeer!  This master skating reindeer has a frequent flyer ability that allows him to take off in superskate mode more often.  Plus they have packed three brand new bigfoot skateboards in this fun filled endless skater that players everywhere are going to enjoy!


So what are you waiting for? Visit the App Store and get the latest Skyline Skaters today!


Bee Brilliant

Tactile Entertainment Aps has just released a game that is sure to create some Buzz! Bee Brilliant is a bright colored beedazzling puzzle adventure that will have players of all ages connecting colorful lines of Ba-Bees and making awesome combos with the crazy Busy Bees. Play your way through Beeland in 6 different game modes and over 100 levels of addictive fun.

With it’s Facebook integration, you can challenge your friends and track progress as you unleash combos and crush high scores. Did we also happen to mention the crazy booster bees? You will love Ms. Honey, Sgt. Sting, Beecasso and the others you meet along the way. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your favorite iOS device and Bee Brilliant!


Saving Yello on iOS

We wanted to take a moment to remind fans of Yello’s first adventure in the popular game, Saving Yello.

Full of fish flinging physics fun, Saving Yello was the top iPhone puzzle game is more than 60 countries!

Saving Yello

Seven-year-old Mathilda is a fish’s worst nightmare in this fish-flinging puzzle action game. She enjoys taking her unlucky pet goldfish, Yello, out of his bowl and watching him “dance” on the floor. By pulling his tail to launch him through the air, players can save Yello by aiming just right to avoid a variety of dangerous obstacles standing between Yello and his fishbowl. Saving Yello challenges players through 40 levels and three combinations to set off massive chain reactions. 

Saving Yello App Store Pics

With 50 levels and 3 different settings, Saving Yello is a steal for just $0.99!



Yello gets an Android update

Some of you may have noticed that our Android fans recently got some great news. The newly updated Chasing Yello version 1.0.2 is now available on Google Play!

With some great new features and new bug fixes, you will have hours of endless fish swimming when Yello’s impish owner lets him have a taste a freedom in a local wild creek where he must jump and dive over obstacles such as rocks, logs and even piranhas in order to escape Mathilda’s fishing net!


Chasing Yello Update 1.4.3

Yello is diving back into action today in Chasing Yello v1.4.3, the new updated version of the popular title that has been downloaded over 15 million times worldwide. In addition to fixing various bugs and issues experienced by some players, Chasing Yello v1.4.3 introduces some great new features!

To further assist players as they strive for high scores everyone has been given free a free continue! Now you can save your coins for powerful upgrades and by simply watching a short trailer receive a continue completely free. We did not stop there however and have also implemented the same system with free boosts. These work the same as above so you can start with a free random boost and swim farther than ever before!

Visit the App Store today!


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