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Skyline Skaters has arrived in Italy!

Hey everyone, in case you have missed it did you know that Tactile Entertainment’s hit game Skyline Skaters was recently updated with a new city… Rome!


This great new content allows you to race past crooked alleys as you quickly dodge oncoming cars.   Also while you are cruising through Rome make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Colosseum as you skate through old ruins and experience history like never before!

Grab it today from the Appstore and remember to watch out for flying pizza!


We also heard some amazing news for fans of Bee Brilliant! Today Tactile Entertainment announced that Bee Brilliant has just hit an amazing 730 levels!


This means players can have endless hours of fun as they explore Beeland Noir, where the damp city streets are home to mysterbees and danger!

Glimpse of Skara: The Blade Remains

Hello again everyone! We have another quick glimpse at Skara for you all since some have asked us what makes this great game fun…


As you have probably read in previous postings, Skara:  The Blade Remains is a unique versus fighting game. You choose your warrior from five separate races and can join up to 16 other players online to engage in close combat.


In addition to the various races Skara will present the option of playing Duels, Free for All, and Team Deathmatch rounds.  This essentially means that the protagonists of the game are in fact the players themselves.

In addition to choosing race and giving players the freedom to choose what the character is going to look like (including your equipment and fighting styles), the great team over at Skara have also added additional RPG elements.


These elements allow a player to choose abilities which can enhance the overall style of combat that is used as you play with a character that is truly your own.

We will also be giving a much more in-depth view of Skara and look at just how well this game plays on the new Steam Link hardware.

Bee Brilliant Noir

Tactile Entertainment has done it again with the newest Bee Brilliant update!


Welcome to Beeland Noir, where the damp city streets are home to mysterbees and danger!

• A new update equals 10 BRAND NEW LEVELS! And 10 new levels each following week!
• In the mood for a jazzy tune? Listen to the NEW SONG from The Humphrey Beegarts!
• Need more coins? Get coins whenever your friends play Daily Quests!


If you are not familiar yet with Bee Brilliant let us tell you a little about this hit game. Players will explore the world of Beeland and meet the singing Babees, the crazy Busy Bees and the cheeky spiders in this buzzing FREE, regularly updated, addictive puzzle game. Connect colourful lines of Babees and make awesome combos to release your inner bee.

Happy New Year!

To all of our partners, friends and fans… we would like to wish you all a safe and fun New Year’s Eve celebration tonight! 2015 has been a great year with tons of exciting updates and games as dreamfab continues to grow and evolve.

Don’t forget as well then while relaxing on the 1st to read up on Skara: The Blade Remains. You can also register for the early access alpha build on the Official Website!


Skara is a competitive hack and slash being developed independently with Unreal 4 by the great team over at 8-Bit Studios. Team up with or against your friends and compete for dominance in a world racked by cosmic disaster. An indiegame with AAA graphics, Skara is a dangerous world designed by a small team of indie developers who dreamed of making a multiplayer hack’n’slash with the soul of an RPG.

You can also sit back with your favorite Mobile device and play Storm Casters Ultra from Get Set Games! This free game is what described by GameZebo as, “…what you’d get if Disney designed Diablo and spilled it in a vat full of Spelunky and Hearthstone”.

So head on over to the App Store and get this great game today. It’s also great for the parents who have stayed up a bit to late this evening.


We should also mention our “busy bee” friends over at Tactile Entertainment and the hits Bee Brilliant, Skyline Skaters, and Airheads Jump. Promineo Studious as well released Feed my Alien for gamers of all ages. It has been a very busy year with alot of great games being released and 2016 looks even better!

Happy Holidays

The entire team here at dreamfab wants to wish all of our partners, players and friends a safe and Happy Holiday this year! So once again here is a little Christmas spirit with your favorite flying goldfish, Yello.


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
No one was sleeping since Mathilda was out,
With visions of Yello filling her head.

She laughed really loudly for this she said,
Oh Yello, Oh Yello, for where have you gone,
Run and i’ll find you… yet before very long,
Her laughter was stopped with the softest of sounds,
A jingle, a patter, oh what had she found?

She stopped and she stared at a man dressed in red,
She shuddered with dread at the words that he said,
I have many a lists said the man with a smile,
The nice and the naughty, as he read with a frown,
I can see where you are, Mathilda my dear,
So this tonight, i’ll slow you down.

You won’t chase poor Yello or Pinky I fear,
Instead you’ll be cleaning my nine reindeer,
They are quite dirty and covered in grime,
So you must clean them, I haven’t the time.

Mathilda’s unhappy and has a big frown,
While Santa goes over and bends straight down,
Not to drink water, nor to clean off his feet,
Instead he saw Yello and gave him a wink.

Swim or she’ll catch you he whispered real soft,
Many will help you so try to be tough.
He had a small message to players to share,
Hurry and play while Mathilda is here.

Then he stood up and walked right away,
Since today he’s busy on a new Christmas day.

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