Love is in the air!

Love is all over the place with two great Tactile updates!

Its time to feel the love with your favorite cats in the hit game Cookie Cats. There’s just one thing the Cookie Cats love as much as cookies, and that’s LOVE. The Cats are enamored with VALENTINE’S! Meow!

• Enjoy the new, cat-tastic TREASURE HUNT! Play levels, get the treasure! It’s simple!
• Love and music go hand in hand as much as cookies and milk. We promise that the new     Cookie Cat’s Valentine’s theme will sweep you off your feet!


Yet Tactile Entertainment was not yet finished sharing the love!

Bee Brilliant is also ready for love for its’s dearest Bee-friends. Everyone is hereby invited for a buzztastic wedding in our romantic new Valentine’s update!

• Put on your best dress and buzz through the fresh NEW LEVELS!
• Fly down the aisle to the sound of the brand NEW SONG by The Beesmaids!
• Need a boost for a hard level? Head over to the Valentine’s Challenge!


So what are you waiting for?

Show these amazing games some love and start playing today!