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Yello gets an Android update

Some of you may have noticed that our Android fans recently got some great news. The newly updated Chasing Yello version 1.0.2 is now available on Google Play!

With some great new features and new bug fixes, you will have hours of endless fish swimming when Yello’s impish owner lets him have a taste a freedom in a local wild creek where he must jump and dive over obstacles such as rocks, logs and even piranhas in order to escape Mathilda’s fishing net!


Chasing Yello Update 1.4.3

Yello is diving back into action today in Chasing Yello v1.4.3, the new updated version of the popular title that has been downloaded over 15 million times worldwide. In addition to fixing various bugs and issues experienced by some players, Chasing Yello v1.4.3 introduces some great new features!

To further assist players as they strive for high scores everyone has been given free a free continue! Now you can save your coins for powerful upgrades and by simply watching a short trailer receive a continue completely free. We did not stop there however and have also implemented the same system with free boosts. These work the same as above so you can start with a free random boost and swim farther than ever before!

Visit the App Store today!



Chasing Yello for Tango Android Edition

Chasing Yello for Tango has now gone live on the Google Play Store. Not only does the fun loving endless swimmer bring endless hours of fun to Android users everywhere, it also allows friends to challenge each other on any iOS or Android device! With new power-ups and upgrades you and your friends will spend hours enjoying the fun, challenging, cross platform tournaments!



What’s Coming

Hello fans, many of you know that 2013 was a hard year for the gaming industry.  We saw some great games released but a variety of exterior factors made it difficult for mobile games publishers and developers to meet their own goals and grow in this meanwhile extremely overcrowded market.  We also saw a variety of changes as the industry restructured itself to meet 2014 with optimism and a focus on what we do best.

Sitting down with our CEO Andreas Mihalovits, I wanted to address one of the questions we get from our fans, “What is the most challenging part of being the CEO of a game company?” After a moment of thought he answered, “The main challenge as a CEO is getting enough awareness for new releases, since CPI campaigns are getting more and more expensive and press seems to tend to cover mostly games from already established publishers. Also a feature by Apple or Google doesn’t have that great effect on your chart position as some years ago. So you need strong partners with an already huge user base, who are able to push you into the charts by doing massive cross promotions additionally to the regular marketing and PR activities.”

Taking this to heart we have some great business partnerships that we will be announcing soon to bring you titles that you have been excitedly waiting for… Tridek with its new chat system and strategic cross platform multiplayer card combat, Monster Plant’s never ending hunger for growth, and more…

Keep checking back and following us on social media to get the latest news, reviews and information as it becomes available!

Happy Holidays!

The team at dreamfab would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Holiday! We look forward to next year and bringing you all great new games.


The Night Before Christmas Yello Style

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
No one was sleeping since Mathilda was out,
With visions of Yello filling her head.
She laughed really loudly for this she said…
Oh Yello, Oh Yello, for where have you gone,
Run and i’ll find you… yet before very long,
Her laughter was stopped with the softest of sounds,
A jingle, a patter, oh what had she found?

She stopped and she stared at a man dressed in red,
She shuddered with dread at the words that he said,
I have many a lists said the man with a smile,
The nice and the naughty, as he read with a frown,
I can see where you are, Mathilda my dear,
So this tonight, i’ll slow you down.

You won’t chase poor Yello or Pinky I fear,
Instead you’ll be cleaning my nine reindeer,
They are quite dirty and covered in grime,
So you must clean them, I haven’t the time.

Mathilda’s unhappy and has a big frown,
While Santa goes over and bends straight down,
Not to drink water, nor to clean off his feet,
Instead he saw Yello and gave him a wink.

Swim or she’ll catch you he whispered real soft,
Many will help you so try to be tough.
He had a small message to players to share,
Hurry and play while Mathilda is here.

Then he stood up and walked right away,
Since tomorrow he’s busy on a new Christmas day.