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Get Ready to Skate!

It has been a very long since we have had any updates.  Today however we are proud to announce that we are back!   Get ready for new posts, walkthroughs, screenshots and alot more.

To start our return however we wanted to make sure you all know that Skyline Skaters was recently updated with…


Aloha! The Skyline Skaters are now going to Hawaii! Jump on your surfboard and skate on volcanoes – then go tour the rest of the globe!

  • New Location: The island paradise of Hawaii!
  • World Map: Rank up your Skaters and travel the World – from Vegas to Cairo!
  • New Character: Kahili, the happy surfer!
  • Kahili can grind on Rainbows to earn extra points!
  • Spin the Wheel: To win new boards – 4 new Montreal pro boards to win!



Love is in the air

Tactile Entertainment has been extremely busy producing great quality content and now they have released updates for Bee Brilliant and Skyline Skaters!


Bee Brilliant is rapidly growing and showing fans everyone some love with 60 brand new levels!  Plus the team at Tactile has added new tunes and a loving feel to the entire game. Not content to stop with just two items, players will enjoy all new challenges as they explore the growing world of Beeland.





Skyline Skaters is now also ready for Valentine’s Day.  Prepare to skate the city of love as you zoom past cafes, shops and cars! Naturally while in Paris you need to look your best and you will find three hot new costumes for Barry, Matt and Christy.  You will also enjoy the balloons in this endless skater adventure for players of all ages.


Don’t forget the Bees!

We mentioned in our previous post that our friends at Tactile have been busy bees and went over the details of the latest Skyline Skaters Shanghai update!

Did we forget to cover Bee Brilliant… absolutely not!


Bee Brilliant was updated to version 1.4.0!

This great update has all new Daily Quests! These daily quests are special levels where the reward grows every day so make sure not to miss one.  The babees have been also rehearsing and you can get 3 stars to hear what they came up with.

Now some players have asked for more content and Tactile Entertainment listened! With an additional 20 levels we now have 200 levels to buzzzzz through! This year spring also came early with the Hanging Gardens of Babeelon.

Find out more and get back into it today!


Tactile Updates!

Our friends over at Tactile Entertainment have been extremely busy bees! With new updates already released on two of their hit games.


The image above says it best with an all new location… Shanghai!  Additionally however you can now get out of the office and crash through big office buildings while enjoying new environment effects.  With the introduction of Feng who can withstand being hit by a rocket and various other optimizations this game will give you even more hours of enjoyment so go skate the skyline with Skyline Skaters Shanghai!



Bee Brilliant Christmas


Once more Tactile Entertainment is showing holiday spirit with the release of Bee Brilliant Christmas! While adding a Christmas vibe they have introduced winter and snow. These bees are far from freezing however since 20 more levels have also been added. Players of all ages will also love the new gifts. Connect the gift box in a row with your bees to collect presents and find out what’s inside! Check out the trailer below and get it today from the App Store!


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