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Disco Ducks Time Travel Jungle

Lead Duck Travolta, Ducky Parton and Quackson Five through a world where ducks rule the dance floors and the 70’s never ended! Use colorful combos, gather groovy powerups and build your Mojo to defeat wicked villains as you connect, dance and explore!

Now Disco Ducks are even more Groovy! The Disco Ducks have DANCED into a new ERA! One filled with the thick and treacherous JUNGLE! They will need to introduce DISCO once again to power up the DISCO-TIME-HELMET!

• New Treasure Hunt! Remember to go TREASURE HUNTING and get DUCKTACULAR gold coins!

• STRUGGLE through 30 NEW devious levels!

• Enjoy new EXOTIC jungle music!


Cookies Cats, new in the New Year!

Cats Ahoy! Thee Cookie Cats have heard o’ a wonderful treasure buried in a giant litter box!

Set sail for TREASURE ISLAND to find the hidden secrets…but you better hurry! Rush to the X before ye cat-crew commits mewtiny in the new Level Rush! Arrr!

  • LEVEL RUSH! Earn the biggest prices a scally-cat could want! Rush ‘n complete levels ‘n get unlimited lives, coins ‘n more! Keep an eye out for the level rush event!

  • Had enough ‘o winter yet? Warm ye self on the tropical TREASURE ISLAND wit’ lots ‘o new levels ‘n cat shanties! Arrr!


Have a Bee-rry Christmas!

The hit game Bee Brilliant is all ready for Christmas!

So what are you waiting for? Go get your Christmas buzz started in the matching wonderland that is Beeland!

  • Grab a cup of hot honey in front of the fire, while you play through the jolly NEW LEVELS!
  • Ho ho ho! Santa has a brand new favourite CHRISTMAS CAROL! Performed by our very own The Merry Babees!
  • Earn Christmas rewards in the brand new GIFT HUNT!


Its that time of year again!

As the holidays move closer the hit game Cookie Cats is all prepared for Christmas!


Now in time for Christmas you can snuggle up with your favorite Cats and a hot cup of chocolate while the snow falls outside.  Perhaps however you do not want to give a cute cat a snuggle.  Not a problem, go get your gloves on and get ready for a snowball fight!

Winter is finally here, and the Cookie Cats LOVE to both cuddle and play in the snow!

  • The Cookie Cats have hidden presents all over the world, and if you can find them you will get FREE rewards!
  • Grab your coat and enjoy the snowy WINTER WONDERLAND throughout 50 new levels!
  • Help your fellow holiday lovers in the new, wonderful social challenge! MEOW!



QuickChess is now live on Kickstarter!

QuickChess®” will be celebrating its 25-Year Anniversary in 2017 by going digital! It’s a multiple award-winning board game that has young children learning quickly, and experienced players sharpening their skills. It’s simple but enjoyable, because the challenge escalates indefinitely as you improve. It features a smaller board and reduced number of pieces, with a series of mini-games that teach chess, which can each be played in 10 minutes. When you’re ready to put your skills to the test, flip the board over for a full set & board!


Invented 25 years ago by New York City Firefighter Joe Miccio and released as a board game,  it quickly became popular and has been recommended by many chess professionals including Grand Master Susan Polgar (4 time Women’s World Champion)!

This new digital version being developed by the amazing team at REDOX Game Labs will include new challenges created by Ms. Polgar and adds modern technology and flair to the original QuickChess board, allowing players to customize each piece as well as the scenes where their games take place.  The chess pieces will also interact and suggest moves based on the in-game situation, helping players evolve their skills.


Yet there is even more great information on this amazing game which you can read about directly on Kickstarter.   So what are you still reading this for?

Go check out QuickChess on Kickstarter now!


Your support is needed to help bring this amazing game of thought and intellectual combat to the digital age for players of all ages!

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