The Lost Shapes

Yesterday we provided readers with a small glimpse into a secret project and today you have learned that this project is titled…

Together with RockAByte we are very proud to announce the release of a game that will challenge even the heartiest of gamers!    While on a journey through a powerful game,  you will go on a brain teasing adventure to release mystical forces that are held within magical shapes.

The Lost Shapes center around the game of Magic Chess, a game which revives the power of ancient shapes, sun, stars, and moon, and is all the rage among magical folk! Follow your teacher, Willow, a wizard with a mysterious past, as he trains you to rebuild such shapes within a limited amount of time with decorated tiles that can be lined up to form shapes and patterns in Shape Mode and Survival Mode.

Shape Mode consists of 30 levels of building simple shapes and then advancing to intricate patterns specified on the board. Survival Mode tasks players with remaking as many of those shapes and patterns as possible to level up endlessly. All shape building must be done as quickly as possible to keep the score multiplier high and the tile queue open. If the tile queue gets full, it’s game over!

Just when players think they have their hand on Wizard Chess, the game will display its even wider variety of tiles. Bomb tiles blow away obstacles on the board so nothing stands in the way of making a shape. Snowflake tiles freeze the tile queue to buy time. Nuke tiles clear the board when it gets too full. Locked tiles can’t be moved once they are placed. And numbered tiles can be used more than once.

Those who dare to play Magic Chess will also see their names glowing with power among the Game Center leaderboards.   Where friends will become challengers as they try to topple the people they know and prove that they are the masters.

Over the next few days we will be releasing special graphics and images that you will only find on .   This will be a special look into the development and conceptualization that has gone into the creation of The Lost Shapes.

So get ready…  the magic will soon be coming to you!


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