Skara Advances!

In case you missed it on Steam the amazing team working on Skara – The Blade Remains just announced that they are closing Alpha and preparing for Beta Release!

The feedback from players has been so great over the past two months that they also announced a Dev Q&A Session live on 30.09.2016 via the Official Skara Twitch channel!


As announced on the Official Skara Steam News page:

First, we learned that our vision IS going to work, that our brand of multiplayer close-combat is also what you have been waiting for. The more people playing SKARA, the more fun and competitive it is. We have the core of a great game in the making, but there is still a ways to go.

Second, we now know what we need to do to streamline the game so that it is faster, more fun and more cruel.

Anything that you found annoying about the UI or game progression (having to play through the tutorial, the graphic settings, etc.) will be fixed for Beta release. Also, expect more from the existing game, including a complete revision of how the free-for-all arena works.

Third, we learned that the game really needs the final pieces we have planned (player-to-player communication, party chat, game forum integration, faction infrastructure) to be worth your and your friend’s time.


So make sure to tune in on Friday to find out more about this fun high intensity game!