Meet the Team Part 4

With the popularity of our recent posts highlighting our team members we would like to introduce you to our next team member…

Christopher Moody
Press Relations Manager

Hello Christopher,  as with the other team members the first question that people want to know is, “How did you first get involved with gaming?” 

I started gaming at a very young age with my first game being played on a Vic-20.  I moved up in hardware as time went on but stuck to computer based gaming and was never able to get into “console” gaming.

Since we have so many gamers on our team (every member),  do you have a favorite genre of games and which games are your favorites?

If I am going to have to list a favorite…  I would have to go with FPS and MMORPGs.  I love games like Battlefield 3 where i play ranked (ESL), Firefall, Eve Online, and now Mechwarrior Online.

So what do you do at dreamfab?

I am the PR Manager.  Currently the website postings, social media, support, coordination of our PR firms is done by me.  Additionally our entire team works on things like QA and feedback for our games.  Its one thing i really enjoy about being in a small team… everyone has a voice.

We know you have to get back to work so just two final questions for you…   What do you enjoy the most about your job and what is your favorite dreamfab title?

Well the thing I love most about my job is the people who work here.  We all have voices and use our creativity and passion for gaming to publish titles that are high quality and enjoyable.  My favorite dreamfab title is a tough question…  one of our upcoming titles, Tridek is rapidly becoming my favorite however.

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