Yello is Back!

Yello is back in an all new adventure! This time gamers will be faced with new challenging fun as they strive to escape Mathilda! Having managed a run at freedom you will have to jump, dive, and avoid objects and all new obstacles as you strive to reach never before seen distances in the newest release Chasing Yello!

Chasing Yello, is an endless runner being released first for iOS. Along with numerous hazards and obstacles you will have to escape Mathilda as she continues to get closer. Plus you will have missions, and the ability to boost Yello’s power-ups and make his dives and jumps more effective! ¬†With multiple level blocks and randomly generated objects no run is ever the same. So mark your calenders because on June 28th you will get the chance to find out if you have the skills and reflexes needed to be on top of the score rankings!