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Happy Hills is a physics-based puzzle game with “hillarious” and explosive arcade fun for everyone.

Euphoria is a land filled with joy and merriment, every day is laughter and the songs of the Happy Hills ring through the land. But now the Gloom Blocks are raining down from the skies of Euphoria; sour lumps of nastiness that live only to bring depression and misery to all, oppressing the once happy hills and spreading sadness throughout the land.

It is your task to dispose of the Gloom Blocks and bring back the smiles to the Happy Hills. In a series of devious and increasingly complex levels, you will progress through distinctly different areas of Euphoria. Complete a level simply by removing all blocks off the hills by placing bombs on or near them. Additionally, you earn a star for each block that you destroy by leveraging their specific weaknesses.


The game starts with the complete grassland region with 48 levels for free. To coincide with the release, the first level pack (desert region) with an additional 48 levels will be available as an in-app purchase. Additional level packs with new block types are already in development for October and November.

The regular levels become available as you simply progress through the game. You are able to unlock the bonus levels by earning the required amount of stars. The early levels of each area primarily serve as a tutorial, introducing you to the game mechanics and the different gameplay elements in an intuitive manner, making the game extremely easy to pick up and play. Later levels will provide a real challenge and require some lateral thinking.

There are different Block Types: wood, stone, metal, balloon and thorn blocks. In most levels there will be more than one type of block. This introduces a further element requiring you to think how to use these types against each other or leveraging their specific weaknesses to bring about a quicker solution. At the end of each region you`ll face Boss Blocks.

Hidden Bonus Levels
Once you have collected the required amount of stars, the bonus levels of a specific area are unlocked, and will also appear on the global map.




Happy Hills has been developed by Chimera Entertainment and is published by dreamfab.

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