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The chase continues! Yello the goldfish has finally managed to escape his precocious seven-year-old owner, Mathilda… for now. Having been unsuccessful at catching Yello, in Chasing Yello Friends Mathilda is content to stand on the river bank to mock and cheer Yello on as he races other fish friends in his journey toward freedom. With the support of our friends at Nextpeer, Chasing Yello Friends highlights multiplayer tournament gameplay with side-by-side races against other players that you can see directly on your iOS screen!

You can also combine power-ups and use them when they are most needed during multiplayer matches to ensure your victory.  Yet what is a victory without a few bragging rights? You can also now show your friends just how good you are with gameplay sharing powered by Everyplay!

Chasing Yello Friends has been developed by Tactile Entertainment ApS and is published by dreamfab.

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