About us

dreamfab is a premium mobile game publisher and producer located in Regensburg, Germany.  We were founded in December of 2010 by gamers for gamers.   During the creation and the meetings that followed it was quickly decided by our Managing and Creative Director that we would specialize in casual gaming and in May 2011 our first title “Demolition Dash” was born.  Rapidly Demolition Dash became one of the best platformers for iOS and was followed by our next highly successful game “Happy Hills”. As time progressed our portfolio has expanded to numerous titles of different genres. Our most popular being Saving Yello, a physics based game and Chasing Yello, an endless “swimmer” released on iOS.

We are driven towards excellence by our passion for gaming and together with our developmental partners strive to create unforgettable, entertaining, and innovative games for gamers of all ages around the world.  It is this passion that’s helps inspire and motivate us to bring gaming experiences of the highest quality to our fans.

With regular website updates and community interaction we encourage feedback and input from players to ensure that we bring the best possible gaming experience to your fingertips.

So feel free to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our website as we continue to bring gaming excellence to players everywhere.

Our Vision

Our vision is to release high quality games to gamers with high playability and entertainment value.   Initially providing releases for iOS we have already ported popular titles to Mac OS and Android.  Support for additional platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Wiiware is also planned.   Giving gamers across multiple platforms a chance to experience what we have to offer and to appeal to gamers of all ages.

Our Mission

We are driven to the completion of our goals and vision by our love for games.  We strive to provide gamers with a visceral and lasting experience.   Letting the gamer be immersed in clean, high quality graphics, music and sounds that let you fully experience the tasks set before you.

Constantly reviewing and accepting feedback from our players we adapt, and evolve.  Our motivation stemming from the enthusiasm of gamers as we constantly strive for more innovative gameplay and memorable experiences of the highest quality.

Our Services

As a publisher and producer of premium mobile games for international audiences we are constantly forming strong, long-term, mutually beneficial alliances with our developmental partners.

We settle for nothing less than motivation, teamwork and excellence to deliver professional production, publishing, and marketing services.

As a publisher, we can tailor our services to meet our partner’s specific needs and offer direct, one-on-one communication with rapid decision making.

We are always looking for new cooperative partners who share our vision of gaming excellence.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Partner Websites

Chimera Entertainment http://www.chimera-entertainment.de/en
RockAByte http://www.rockabyte.com/en/index.php
Tactile Entertainment http://www.tactile.dk/
Bit Barons http://www.bitbarons.com/
Zeitland media & games http://zeitland.com/
iPhoneLife Magazine www.iPhoneLife.com